Chicago -> Los Angeles

What's up?


I'm Kiley- the actor, gamer, and movie maker. I started off in Chicago doing theatre and performing general debauchery until I moved to Los Angeles in 2007. Over the last 10 years I've worked in the film, television, and commercial industries in Los Angeles. I've done everything from McDonald's commercials to zombie apocalyptic horror films. 

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Reviews from Welcome to Your Alternative Reality

"One of the best sketches of the night was “I’d Love to See You Cry,” in which an aspiring actress (Kiley Eberhardt) faces some of the sexism and double-standards you hear so much about in Hollywood. When she’s forced to do improv alongside a creepy stalker (Josh Banday), the scene goes from hard-hitting social commentary to hilariously raunchy and celebratory after she turns the tables on him. The skit was perhaps the funniest and best-written of the night; one that harkened back to those classic “Saturday Night Live” skits that made Tina Fey and Amy Poehler household names" 

-Living Out Loud, LA

"My own personal favorites among the twenty-four include “Compliments Of The Chef,” featuring Kiley Eberhardt’s Jennifer on a disastrous computer date with bimbo, Roger" 

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA